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Ice Wonderland

Wrap yourself in a cozy parka (we’ll lend you one!) and enter a cool, crisp, cavern of wonders. Ice sculptures and structures beckon you to the crystals of the Ice Wonderland from Hanart. Smooth as glass, flawless ice is elegantly shaped and lit both inside and out, in forms made on-site by masters of the craft from China.

Our ice is treated to give it different qualities—from delicately etched, see-through angels, to a translucent train, to toy soldiers, whose uniforms are dyed so cherry red, you’ll want to taste them! Click on Gallery & Video, above, to see the range of possibilities.

Hanart’s custom-made iceworks take myriad shapes: Walk-through gateways, a Christmas Nativity, a gothic chapel, even a castle. They can recreate local landmarks, celebrate a festival or season, or mark a historic anniversary, while inspiring the awe that naturally comes from seeing things of transitory beauty.

Ice architecture from China has roots in the ice lantern, a winter-time tradition in the country’s northeast. People would set a bucket of water outside. After it froze at the edges, they’d gently pull it out, poke a hole in the top and drain the water, leaving a hollow center. Putting a candle inside created a windproof lantern, which became a popular outdoor decoration and festival tradition, especially around the city of Harbin.

Today, Harbin is a center of the frozen arts, hosting the most impressive ice and snow sculptures in the world, and an annual ice lantern festival. It’s home to Hanart’s craftsmen, architects of ice who create mammoth skylines painted with light (see Gallery).

Only certain climates can host outdoor iceworks, but Hanart’s Ice Wonderland can glow anywhere, anytime—even in summer! Our climate-controlled atmosphere can keep the works frozen for months. We also create sculptures for parade floats, and grand marquee attractions.


The Ice Wonderland has a proven record of drawing visitors back year after year. Bring the magic of glistening ice to your visitors’ eyes, and you’ll make memories that will never melt away.

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