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Dinosaur Rides

Tread reverently. You're about to meet some of the largest creatures to ever have walked the Earth. In a stunning new exhibit, dinosaurs have evolved from silent, static skeletons to moving, roaring, breathing beasts! Thrill your guests with the largest display of animated life-size dinosaurs in the world.

Their heads turn and eyes blink as they watch you pass. Tails sway, and you hear them breathe and bellow. Hungry jaws open in search of plants and meat. And then you hear the roar of a giant! A T.Rex dwarfs you as it towers above the forest. It's a humbling, awe-inspiring, Mesozoic adventure.  

The Tyrannosaurus Rex, Stegosaurus, and Triceratops are just some of the full-size dinosaurs you'll meet in an indoor and or outdoor forest. Visitors can make them breathe and roar on command, while smaller guests can get to know a couple of baby dinosaurs and climb all over them.  

Your dinosaur exhibition is enhanced with environmental sounds, special effects, and museum panels describing each animal. Accompanying the life-size giants is an exhibit showcasing dinosaur skeletons and or fossils from China.  

The fascination with dinosaurs is undying, and crosses all generations. Now you have the chance to stand in their midst, to hear them, and see what millions of years have erased. Let Hanart bring you these kings of an earthly dominion, so they can be still and silent no more. 

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