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The Spirit of Kung Fu is a 90-minute theatrical experience that has been stunning audiences and critics wherever it has played. The performers-among China's most elite Kung Fu and acrobatic experts-display dazzling feats of strength, courage, and endurance.


The show is available in two versions: Kung Fu only, or combined with some of the most breathtaking acrobatics or perhaps, Chinese music and dance, or Chinese dragons and drummers on stage. It's your way to create a unique festival for your guests.


Hanart's authentic martial arts performance is direct from China. Witness the pageantry, the grace, the focus of mind and body, and you'll discover something more than physical. You'll feel The Spirit of Kung Fu.


Mentored personally by Shaolin monks, our Kung Fu cast is choreographed with a dazzling array of realistic type weaponry that dates back thousands of years, including broadswords, axes, clubs, whips, even a hay-cutter! The most impressive weapon on stage, however, is the human body, conquering pain, and showcasing combat and boxing, imitating the stances of animals like the scorpion and eagle.




Kung Fu is the spiritual heart of this show, but an Acrobatic version of The Spirit of Kung Fu, is an added attraction. The show also features graceful and colorful acrobatics by a talented team that will delight any audience.


Expert acrobats entertain with an astounding array of stunts. Among them: A feat of amazement as these cirque-like performers balance upside-down on a sloping tower of freestanding chairs. They contort their bodies like pretzels as they arc their feet next to their heads, all while stacked on TOP of each other. The effect is mesmerizing.





Acrobatics of the body segue into a spectacular show of acrobatics with machine, as stunt men drive full-size motorcycles in circles around each other inside a 21-foot-diameter steel cage globe. Motosphere thrills audiences with near misses and upside-down loops.


They loop horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. The audience gasps as headlights flash in their faces. They're riveted watching this steel cage rush hour, hearing roaring engines, and wondering how the drivers can defy gravity and drive so close to each other at speeds needed to keep their tires on the globe. It's poetry seeing five objects in orbit, changing axes, spinning amazingly together. It's an edge-of-your-seat show that brings audiences to their feet.


The combination of ancient Kung Fu with acrobatics and motorcycle stunts makes a unique synthesis, a true banquet of man's mastery of body, apparatus, and machine. Whichever version you witness, Acrobatics/MotoSphere, or Kung Fu alone. The Spirit of Kung Fu represents a cultural experience of the best China has to offer, and a show you'll remember for years to come.

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