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What do you do at Hanart Culture?

Hanart Culture is a producer/management agent of live theatrical entertainment. We exclusively represent performing artists and attractions, and arrange their touring throughout North America. Hanart Culture handles different aspects of performance solicitation, negotiation and contracting engagements, as well as post-booking services (i.e. supplying press, photos, etc.) to make every performance a success.

What does "Hanart" stand for?

"Han" is the largest nationality of China; "Art" stands for a variety of art styles, including Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Acrobatics, etc.

Can I book a production online? 

Not exactly, as we require speaking directly with you before we confirm an engagement. However, we do provide a form to expedite receiving a booking inquiry. Navigate to the "Book The Show" page to begin the process.


Where do I look for promotional support if I have booked a performance? 

Hanart Culture offers a full array of promotional support for every performance, ranging from color images, program notes, audio/video and more. If you need further assistance, please call us at (855) 618-8188 or (214) 928-7677.

Can I listen to a recording or watch a video of your productions online?

Yes, you can view videos online. We have many available on YouTube, Facebook, our event website www.chineselanternfestival and others we can send you a link for.

How do I find out if a production is performing in my area? 

Simple, just "Contact Us"

Do your artists play private parties or benefit concerts?

Yes, but engagements for private functions are subject to availability, artist fee, and beneficiary. We encourage you to send us a proposal by using the "Book The Shows!" page, or Contact Us directly.

Can you offer more than just a show? 

Some shows are able to offer workshops, classroom discussions and lecture demonstrations. These are ways to enrich a Hanart show experience.

I want to attend a performance, how do I purchase tickets? 

Tickets can be purchased directly from the venue. If you are interested in attending a performance for a particular production, please call the venue directly for ticket information.

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