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Chinese Kite Festival

A kite takes flight, and our spirits lift with it. Hearts tickle with innocent delight at the wonder of paper, cloth, and wood sailing across a spring or summer sky. Rekindle that innocent joy and showcase a modern spectacle with Hanart's Kite Festival - airborne art that fills the sky with stunning colors, shapes, and sounds from the masterworks of China.


See majestic eagles, painted butterflies, and fierce dragons soar above you, depending on wind speed, in forms as small as 3 inches to as big as 240 feet! Hear whistling kites and the flutter of complex geometric shapes. Watch fairytale figures dance with monsters, and cranes compete with long-tailed dragonflies. See kites dance in aerial acrobatics, and help our team fly the kites yourself!


Some are works of art — traditional Chinese kites with delicately shaped bamboo and hand-painted silk. Others are nylon giants, commanding the sky with printed panels, offering space for mascots or logos. Custom kites can be made to celebrate events, anniversaries, or for sponsors, guaranteeing visibility near and far.


The Kite Festival is also a ground attraction. Visitors are entertained and educated by indoor exhibits on the history of kites, their application in science, aviation, and the military. They learn about the physics of flying kites, the various types, their construction and decoration, and how to build their own. Hundreds of exhibit pieces illustrate these themes.


All kites are handmade and come from Weifang, a city considered the “World Kite Capital”, home of the Weifang Kite Museum and the International Kite Federation. It is also home to several renowned master kite builders who carry on a tradition said to have begun in the city in A.D. 1368.


Make your spirits soar. Launch Hanart’s Kite Festival and fill your sky with joy.

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